Quantitative Analysis in Business Economics with SPSS
1 Crédito de Optatividad para los alumnos de grado - 1 crédito de Humanidades para los alumnos de Grado


Del 06/11/2017 al 10/11/2017.
de 14:00 a 18:00 h


Campus de Getafe


Estudiantes UC3M: 120€

Estudiantes Externos: 240€

Empresas o profesionales: 360€


Technological progress among many other advances means the ability to generate and store a lot of data. This data can be of crucial importance for companies nowadays. It requires the ability to store, process and analyze quantitative data, which constitutes the ground for shaping business strategies.

Therefore, this course aims to provide enough basis for the adequate data exploration, including multivariate analysis of data on which to base the knowledge from simple models to more complex once. This will be done not only from a theoretical point of view, but with primary focus on practical implementations.

After completing the course the student will have sufficient knowledge to design a commercial research, collect and record the data, select necessary methods of the data analysis (both primary and secondary), and to draw relevant conclusions and translate them into practical managerial implications.

At the end of the course those students who participated during the period of the course will receive an official certificate by the INDEM Center for Business Research.


Si no se obtuviera el quórum mínimo para la celebración del curso, la universidad procedería al reembolso de la cantidad pagada del curso.