The Institute for the Development of Enterprises and Markets (INDEM) was created on June 28, 2005 from the initiative of a group of 24 academics from different areas of knowledge within the field of Business Economics (Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing).

Currently the INDEM is composed of more than 60 researchers from different areas of knowledge, different departments of the UC3M University as well as professors from other universities (Arizona State University, State University of New York- Stony Brook, London Business School and the Federal Reserve of Atlanta).
Our team develops specialized research within all areas of the business economics field and has produced publications in top-tier academic journals.

The Strategic Plan of INDEM is integrated within the Strategic Plan of the Department of Business Administration at UC3M (DEMP) which is its main stakeholder.

Mission, Vision and Strategy.

The mission of the Institute is to promote, channel, coordinate and disseminate the research and post graduate studies in the different areas of business, with special attention to topics related to business innovation in a broad sense. This activity follows the criteria of transparency and excellence in order to address efficiently the different issues connected to the business environment raised by the university community as well as the different stakeholders in the society. The INDEM aims to be the link between research and the business world, with a commitment to promote and disseminate research applied to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business activity.

The vision of the Institute aims to become a leading research institute in Europe both in those activities related to research in business development and innovation in all its dimensions, and in the education of doctors and managers under the principles of Excellence, Social Responsibility and Interdisciplinarity, in order to make a positive contribution to society. Consistent with our vision, the values assumed by the institute are: Excellence, interdisciplinarity, integrity, commitment to society and respect for the person.

Our strategy of action is the specialization in the area of business development offering the best possible quality in research and teaching related to this area. The research will be fundamentally oriented towards business innovation in all its dimensions.