5 th Mediterranean CB Symposium


5 th Mediterranean CB Symposium

The symposium on Consumer Behavior will be held on Monday, December 2nd at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (room PT-0.A.09) at the Puerta de Toledo campus. The event is organized by marketing faculty at UC3M and financed by INDEM as well as the School of Social Sciences and Law.

The symposium will consist of several paper presentations from faculties around universities in the Mediterranean area.

For those interested, please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to lduque@emp.uc3m.es before Monday, November 25th.


9.45h    Welcome and intro

10h - 11.20h    Session 1

Presentation 1: Sumit Malik (IE, Madrid, Spain), Postdoc

Effect of observed hand-motor movements on consumer judgement and behavior

Presentation 2: Rahil Hosseini (UPF, Barcelona, Spain), PhD

The scale effect of product ratings on product evaluation

11.20h - 12h    Cofee break

12h - 13.20h    Session 2

Presentation 3: Manissa Gunadi (ESADE, Barcelona, Spain), Postdoc

The contingent impact of price changes and frequency on purchase deferral 

Presentation 4: Sadaf Mokarram Dorri, (Bocconi, Milano, Italy), PhD

Effect of Evaluation mode on choice of healthy and unhealthy food

13.20h - 15h    Lunch break

15h - 16.20h    Session 3

Presentation 5: Anna Bernard (Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal), Faculty

Gauge Caviar: Egoistic bias is higher among liberals than conservatives in the Dictator Game

Presentation 6: Natalie Truong Faust (NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal), Faculty

(To be announced)

16.20h - 17.10h    Coffee break

17.10h - 17.50h    Session 4

Presentation 7: (UC3M, Madrid, Spain)

(To be announced)

18h    Symposium reunion