Storytelling as a competitive advantage


Storytelling as a competitive advantage

The INDEM meetings are an initiative that aims to be a meeting point for a variety of audiences related to the academic and business sectors. The purpose is to address issues of interest and current topics from different perspectives, enriching all attendees. The INDEM will be the link that connects these different points of view and heterogeneous interests with the business world.

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1st INDEM Meeting

Storytelling as a competitive advantage

Date: 18th November 2020

Time: 17h

Format: webinar at

This first INDEM meeting is about Storytelling, which is the art of storytelling. The corporate story design has become a crucial tool for branding, distinguishing value positions, attracting customers and aligning the employees interests with the objectives of the organization.

Three experts will give us their different points of view on how to build a differentiating and attractive story about products, brands and businesses. We will have an outstanding panel: Jordi Ballera, corporate communication consultant, Carlos García, Marketing Director of PepsiCo Italia and David Moralejo, Director of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Jordi Ballera will talk about the strategic aspects of storytelling; David Moralejo will tell us aboutTraveler magazine uses this tool to provide the brand with a narrative that connects and transmits values; and finally, Carlos García will explain how storytelling has been a key element in the relaunch of the Bitter Kas brand.

Jordi Ballera

Corporate communications consultant specialised in research and strategic planning. Over the last 20 years, he has developed his career in communication agencies, where he has been Executive Vice President of Edelman in Spain and General Manager of Zeno in Spain. Jordi has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, a Master's in Business Communication from ESIC, a Certified Project Manager from Stanford University and a Professional Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

Carlos García

Currently, he is the Marketing Director Italy at PepsiCo, managing the soft drink, snack, juice and cereal categories. He has worked for the last 10 years in marketing departments of benchmark companies within the mass consumption sector such as Henkel, Ferrrero, Redkitt Benckiser or PepsiCo. During his career he has had the opportunity to hold both local and European team leadership positions, generating growth for the brands he has managed, as well as working on plans to launch new categories and products.

David Moralejo

Graduated in Communication from the Universidad Pontífica de Salamanca and director of the Spanish edition of Condé Nast Traveler since 2017. Previously he worked in diverse newspapers and magazines, always in subjects related to culture, travel and lifestyle. He has published a novel and participated in a book of short stories and poetry with the publishing house Huerga & Fierro. In the field of teaching, he has taught Creative Writing at the Yo Quiero Escribir literary school and given courses at IED and Instituto Superior de Arte.